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My Life is a soap opera

~~~The Misguidings of a 20 Something in the Wrong Generation~~~

15 January 1985
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I am 23 years old. I have a fantastic job down by the beach which is a lot of fun. I am also in a very special relationship with my boyfriend. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. However as no one's life is perfect, I also have my ups and downs which do include drama. I try to avoid it but sometimes it is just inevitable. This is my journal, I will write as I want and to my own standards. This is for personal use not professional so dont expect professional work. It will be readable but certain spellings and caps lock are not going to be my priority. I suck at punctuation so I wouldn't expect that either. I have certainly seen alot more professional looking LJ's but I have also seen ALOT worse. Regardless, half of my entries are public and half are friends only. What is listed as locked stays locked...if you leak it you are out. Other than that I am a pretty easy going person. Very interested in people of different view points since how can we know what we think if we dont know what others think? I am told that I am sweet, understanding, chipper, honest and approachable.

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