Rachel (teddybear115) wrote,

I have found my purpose in life

To make Brian laugh so hard his sides hurt.

First was Thursday night. Brian's weight set arrived and its one of the adjustable weight sets. You move a pin basically and depending on where you move it the weight gets heavier or lighter. Each weight is 50lbs so after we got out from eating at Chili's we were going to bring the weight set up stairs. Brian picks up one of the dumb bells and brings it upstairs. I had already brought up all that I could so I thought I would be nice and carry up the second dumb bell. I tried lifting it when it was set to 50lbs and it was too heavy to do it comfortably. Then I had the brilliant idea of moving the pin so it would become 10 lbs...something that I can easily carry up three flights of stairs! So I move the pin and lift the dumb bell and all the metal weights fall off in the car. The car is fine. I am trying to fix it when Brian comes down and asks what happened. I finish telling him my intention and thought process and he busts out laughing. "what were you thinking" is a phrase I heard all that night and have not stopped. I try to explain I didnt think the weights would fall off which just sends him deeper into hysterics. I dont know if I will ever live this one down.

The last one so far happened last night. We were watching, well he was watching, Sports Nation and they were talking about some player who has to get surgery and one guy thought that the surgery would only make him worse. He mentioned how this player wouldnt be able to do it like one cant eat a tablespoon of cinnamon. This is when my ears perk up. I ask Brian why you cant eat a tablespoon of cinnamon as it really doesnt seem like that big of a deal. Meanwhile the talking heads are talking about coughing and spattering but I kind of ignore that thinking they were doing it wrong. Brian says he doesnt know but I should try it and then insists that I do. He goes, grabs a tablespoon and almost fills it up, we were running low on cinnamon. He makes me go over the sink which starts getting me worried but I put the whole tablespoon of cinnamon in my mouth and at first it isnt so bad and try to tell Brian that. But then it starts to burn so there I am standing over the sink trying to speak with cinnamon dust flying out of my mouth. oh man it burned so bad. It had gotten so far back in my throat that i couldnt spit it out or swish it out with water so I am dry heaving into the sink. Brian is busting up laughing at me. I finally got most of it out but man I do not want cinnamon ever ever ever again. ugh
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