Rachel (teddybear115) wrote,

August has been hard so far

I have thought about blogging but never quite got around. It is hard to figure out what to say and what not to say sometimes. If things are tough you dont want to create a pity party for yourself and when things are going well you dont want to sound like you are gloating and showing off because you dont want your readers to feel bad if they aren't in a good spot in their life. I also dont get in the mood to write alot so when I do...my posts end up being very long. I am going to try to post about weight/diet tomorrow so not to bog down this post.

Everything is fine I have just been very tired, very worn out and very done with this phase in Brian's and my life. I am ready for change and change is still four months away. Brian finished his summer school classes with an A in one and a B in another and has already started his last semester so that is exciting. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays he goes from 12-7 and on Tuesday/Thursdays he has one class from 11-1pm. It is yet a new schedule to get used too.

I have just been in a funk lately...getting sick of never doing anything because of having no friends to do things with and even if we did have the friends we dont have the money. What is there to really blog about when you dont do anything. Now dont get me wrong...we are poor but we are poorer then we should be by choice. Brian and I both agree that we would rather be frugal now and have more later then have more now and be screwed later. Clark Howard, Suze Orman, and Dave Ramsey would be proud and impressed however the side affect is being very bored and lonely. That being said there have been times that Brian and I got cabin fever so bad we attempted to forget the budget and do something but we cant even figure out what to do. It has been overwhelmingly hot and there isn't much to do here.

All the good bloggers have friends and do things or they are on some adventure or goal they are working towards. Brian and I really dont have any of that. I have been reading several blogs lately and have enjoyed them but also realized how little Brian and I really do. We arent in debt so cant blog about how Dave Ramsey is great, we dont dont really have friends to talk about, and the only goal is Brian graduating and getting a job and there is only so much you can blog about that. When we do go places or do something blogging becomes easier but still.

Speaking of money, Brian and I are completely stuck on what to do next and cant seem to find anyone to help. Ramsey deals with people in debt ...and we arent so he is out. Orman is close and I follow what she says for later but what she says is mostly for people to get themselves out of bad situations and Brian and I are in a good situation. Howard just helps you find things for free or cheap and doesnt really give advice. Brian and I are one of the lucky few that arent in debt and we have started and done the basics of investing but are stuck on what now? And no one really seems to be talking/helping people in our situation.

Anyway one of the blogs I have found and enjoy is called Chapters (www.dustyandamy.com). Christine I think you would really enjoy her...I end up thinking of you during alot of it. She is from Texas but is currently in Ga. They are very southern and religious but not so over the top for me. She is also a fitness buff..but a real one. She just opened up her business and is the tiniest, most petite, in shape person I know but yet she isnt afraid to admit she still eats ice cream. She is just real....which is what I enjoy.

I dunno I just am getting tired of A) having nothing to do, and B) having no friends to even just hang out with. Anyway tomorrows post will be the update on the Diet/gymnastics.
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