Rachel (teddybear115) wrote,

Two randoms

Gymnastics is going really well. I had hurt my foot and went to the Podiatrist to have it checked out. I knew it wasnt major but thought as a responsible adult with health insurance I should have it checked out before it became something major.I was right nothing major but I do have to wear a brace during gymnastics. He only gave me one because while he knew it would solve the problem he wasnt sure how I would like having it on while doing gymnastics. Turns out...that brace has been a life saver. I was kinda almost on my way to doing a round off back hand spring by myself before the brace, with the brace I was able to throw the stunt much harder due to not being afraid of hurting my foot so I was able to do it twice on my own. The first time I even almost landed on my feet and I did for a second I was just in so much shock that I let myself fall to my knees. The second time I was so excited I forgot to finish the round off before I went into the back hand spring and landed on my face. :) I have a second brace ordered for my other foot. Here are two pictures of the aftermath. The first picture is a little weird and am only including it because it probably is as close as I could get to what I looked like right after falling on my face the other is a better picture. Oh and landing on my face is good compared to landing on my back....to land on my face I had to get all the way over.



This next picture mom will recognize immediately but everyone else will need some back story. I have this fascination with growing avocado's. It started in High School when I read a book about growing them (we had a lot of random books) and that became a project. The first one grew and actually became a bit like a tree. It was so big it didnt really fit on the kitchen counter anymore so mom put it outside...then the squirrels ate it and I have tried periodically to recreate it and it hasnt worked. Well Brian and I were trying a recipe with Avocado's so I stole the bit and tried again. It worked! Brian once again put it outside but since we are on the third floor balcony that is enclosed so no squirrels! Right now it is pouring so hard it was reaching the tree and making it bend in a 90 degree angle so I have brought it inside hoping I saved it.


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