September 2nd, 2010


Gymnasts videos

UGA gives everyone a week off between sessions and man it was fun having the time off but now I am SORE SORE SORE! My shoulders and my legs mostly. Anyway my idea was to do everything last night and see how I do and have Brodie video tape me next week. Brodie thought I would do just fine this week, turns out he was right. I wasnt as rusty as I thought! I was even doing better in certain areas. We took videos of me on the bars and of me doing front tucks.

The Back Hip Circle:

I didn't realize this is what it was called until last night. They all say the names so fast that I cant figure out what it is. I was thinking it was the back kip circle. Anyway I always HATED the bars because I just could not do anything. I could not hang or even swing let alone pull myself up and do tricks. I also was not improving as fast as I was in other areas. No one else in my class liked it either so we didnt spend that much time on it. Then everyone else quit gymnastics so it has been just Brodie and I for the past several months and I decided I wanted to try the bars again. I had gotten decent in everything else and I wanted to conquer the bars. When we tried it I was remarkably better and soon after began being able to do the Back Hip Circle by myself. I still need a little help getting up but that will come with time. I did not expect Brodie to be taking the video where he did (leaning up against the high bar) so I was a little shocked and my last is definitely the best. I need to keep my legs straight and my hips to the bar. The voice is Brodie :)

Front Tucks:

I didn't do as well in these as I normally do. We had to do like 5 takes just to get these three. I really need to go up higher and flip faster, I think I was just exhausted. When done right I do land on my feet and stand up, without using my hands. Using my hands is very very bad as if I do it completely wrong and land on my hands my wrist/arm/elbo/shoulder could get seriously injured. The first is an almost.